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My vision is to establish a creative community that serves as a sanctuary for empaths, sensitives, and those who are awakening to their authentic heart and greater connection. Through expanded states of consciousness, mindfulness, energy healing, education, and artistic expression, our community will inspire and support individuals to connect to the divinity that lies within. Learn to trust your internal guidance system and celebrate life on Earth!


Love is the Nature of the Soul


If a gentle, internal guidance has carried you to this website, welcome!  Take an authentic, loving  journey inward and learn tools to create a life that aligns with your values and aspirations. I activate a healing field that supports you as you access your innate, higher wisdom to recognize and overcome obstacles/blocks, bring a new sense of clarity to various aspects of your life, and cultivate a deeper connection to your heart, self, and the unified experience.  In this fast-paced, informational age, we can get lost in a sea of confusion and doubt, but the good news is these practices can bring you home to your body and internal wisdom. 

By offering a variety of services including hypnotherapy, energy practices/meditations, restorative massage, and vibrational sound healing, you will have many tools to choose from that most support you at this time. Feeling good in your body is always a good way to spend your day and Self-Care should always be a priority. 


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3699 Edgewood Road

Eureka, Ca 95501

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*I am not a professional mental health therapist or counselor. Please consult with your current therapist/doctor before working with me. If you are experiencing extreme mental distress or suicidal thoughts please seek professional help. This information is educational and should not replace professional guidance.


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