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~Assisting you to feel comfortable in your body, protected by its boundaries, and open to its beauty, magic, and wisdom~


My vision is to establish an inclusive, colorful community that serves as a sanctuary for Empaths, Sensitives, and those who are awakening to their authentic heart and greater connection. Through self-love practices, expanded states of consciousness, mindfulness, energy healing, education, and artistic expression, our community will inspire and support individuals to connect to the divinity that lies within them. Learn to trust your internal guidance system and celebrate life on Earth.


A Personal Note to You...


Together we will practice what spirit is guiding us to do. We will practice gratitude for wherever we are on our paths, just as we are. We will shed light on areas of our lives that need light and we will hold those aspects of ourselves with love and acceptance. We will begin to embody the lessons of the natural world and begin to see sacred in everyday life. We will integrate the feminine and masculine polarities within ourselves to become more whole. We will learn to voice and honor our personal boundaries while gaining a better sense of who we are and begin to heal the relationship with ourselves and others.  And as we raise our vibration and consciousness, we will see shifts and changes in our lives, of those around us, and in humanity as a collective. 




Welcome to Essence Sanctuary, an inner space for self-exploration, renewal, and love. I consider myself a facilitator, companion, and fellow Empath on the Path of Light. If a gentle, internal guidance has carried you to this website, welcome! I invite you to turn inward and contemplate the words and images from a heart-level as you navigate the site. 

What Do I Do?

I activate a healing field that supports you as you access your innate, higher wisdom to recognize and overcome obstacles/blocks, bring a new sense of clarity to various aspects of your life, and cultivate a deeper connection to your heart, self, and the unified experience. Take an authentic, loving  journey inward and gain the tools to empower yourself as you begin to create a life that aligns with your values and aspirations. 

I blend eastern meditation practices and philosophy with hypnotic states of expanded consciousness and shamanic elements from earth-based spirituality for a unique experience to you.  These sessions are powerful inward journeys to bridge the unconscious with the conscious resulting in more peace, forgiveness, and understanding. Dedicate time and energy to your own voice. Find out what you have to say!


By offering a variety of services including transpersonal hypnotherapy, energy practices/meditations, therapeutic and relaxing massage, and vibrational sound healing, you will have many tools to choose from that most support you at this time. Feeling good in your body is always a good way to spend your day and Self-Care should always be a priority. 

Enter Your Sanctuary


Hypnotherapy, Meditation & Journeys

Take an authentic, inward journey to your subconscious beliefs and your healing. Bring light (compassion) to areas of darkness (isolation) so you can learn your lessons (awaken)  and move towards great unity (wholeness). Hypnosis (altered states of consciousness) is a creative and experiential way to explore the meaning & lessons of your life from a whole new perspective! Time for change!


Sound Healing &
Angelic Reiki

Attune to your subtle bodies with these powerful practices and feel the benefits of sound and light. To receive and just be is a practice. Give your conscious mind a break and tune into your body bliss or pain...allow it to transform and recalibrate. 

Head Massage

Meditative & Therapeutic

Your body is the vehicle for consciousness and your experience here on Earth. Take time to connect and give gratitude to your body!  Relax and let go or tune in and become looks different for every body. 

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Essence Sanctuary

625 11th Street, Suite B

Arcata, Ca 95521

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*I am not a professional mental health therapist or counselor. Please consult with your current therapist/doctor before working with me. If you are experiencing extreme mental distress or suicidal thoughts please seek professional help. This information is educational and should not replace professional guidance.


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