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Past Life Regression Therapy

A Buddhist adage..

If you want to know who you were in your past life, look to your present circumstances. If you want to know who you will be in your future life, look to your present circumstances. If you want to know who you will be in your future life, look to your present actions.

Individual Past Life Sessions are 90min-2hours.
Price: $120
Past life regression is often used to explore and understand the root causes of current issues, such as fears, phobias, relationship patterns, and physical ailments. By uncovering and processing past life experiences, you may gain insight and understanding, release emotional blockages, and ultimately find healing and resolution in your present life. When we begin to consciously understand this process and choose to transform our consciousness and our actions, we are able to create a different future and heal the past. This modality is accessible for people of all faiths and beliefs. You do not have to "believe" in past lives for this to work. When karma and reincarnation are linked with concepts of evolution and progression, they become the means by which consciousness comes into self-realization. Karma is the principle by which we shape our personality and reality according to our choices and actions. Moving through eons of time, reincarnation offers us many lifetimes and varied experiences through which to understand, practice, and perfect the act of creation. Our unconscious karmic patterns that are seeking resolution and completion in this lifetime are contained within the dark phase of our transformative process.
Group Past Life Regression Monthly Meet-Up
Hi! Join other like-minded individuals as we expand our consciousness and bring healing awareness to our timelines through Past Life Regression.  I hope this group becomes a vibrant, interactive meet-up where people feel safe to discuss and explore consciousness and alternative healing practices. Self-hypnosis is about relaxing the body and focusing the mind. Just like any other skill, the more you practice, the easier it gets. This is a process of letting go, connecting with the right brain, imagination, subconscious, impressions, and images with your spiritual eyes and heart. If you are new to hypnosis, I recommend jumping on YouTube and trying a few guided hypnosis videos so you become familiar with the concept.
Each month, I will post the topic of the journey but as always, this is your journey and if you go in another direction, that's OK!  I will start each Group with a check-in/Questions and go over the basics of how to journey in a hypnotic state. The guided journey itself will be around 60-75min, and will be followed with sharing as part of the integration. If you've always been curious, now is the time to find out!
Group Past Life Regression Monthly Meet-Up
                 Dates and Focus for 2023/2024


Please email your Name/Phone/Any Questions:

Email: for Registration

Venmo Preferred, Square (Credit Card Available) &  PayPal

I will send Zoom link after payment!

Insecurity & Abandonment 

Zoom 6:30-8:30 PST

Dec 6th 2023



Lack of Self-Love/Worth

Zoom 6:30-8:30 PST

Jan 3rd 2024




Zoom 6:30-8:30 PST

February 7th 2024


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*Disclaimer*  Please note that I am not a mental health therapist. These sessions are intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or extreme mental distress, please contact a trained mental health specialist or doctor. 
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