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Past Life Regression & Inter-life Sessions
Please note that Past Life Regression sessions will only be scheduled after AT LEAST one prior hypnotherapy session with me. This is to ensure our compatibility, trust and proper resourcing.*


Past life regression is often used to explore and understand the root causes of current issues, such as fears, phobias, relationship patterns, and physical ailments. By uncovering and processing past life experiences, you may gain insight and understanding, release emotional blockages, and ultimately find healing and resolution in your present life. Deep karmic clearing is possible in the Quantum Field. When we begin to consciously understand this process and choose to transform our consciousness and our actions, we are able to create a different future and heal the past. This modality is accessible for people of all faiths and beliefs. You do not have to "believe" in past lives for this to work. Each session is tailored to use language and beliefs that you hold true. If you are ready for deep karmic clearing, schedule a session today.


$135 (Prices will be increasing in July 2023)
2 Hour session + free consultation (first-time clients)+ free follow up emails if something comes up to schedule a session
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