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Why Choose Transpersonal Hypnotherapy?

If you are drawn to this work, you are on the path of Self-Awareness and Remembrance! The model of hypnotherapy that I practice is a self-empowering model done in a light trance with conversation. *not the style of "you are getting very sleepy" and you act like a chicken. You will be able to take an inward journey to you subconscious beliefs and your healing, meeting the Higher Self and spirit assistance along the way.


The space I hold for you is one of compassion and light so you are able to look at your shadows and challenging life patterns from a new perspective. The hypnotic state of expanded consciousness allows you to explore deep held beliefs without the judgement and restriction of your analytical mind. If you are looking to deepen your trust/intuition, connect to spirit, and explore the quantum field, this modality will help you access those realities.


Everyone has the ability to experience hypnotherapy and it is accessible for all faiths and beliefs as I will only use words and concepts that you are comfortable with. This is truly a therapy to explore your own truth and to gain a deeper understanding and meaning. I would be honored to hold space for you.

What issues can hypnotherapy Address?

Hypnotherapy is accessible for all faiths and beliefs. Each session is personalized to your needs and you will NEVER do anything you do not want to do. We take self-empowerment very seriously as we want you to be in control of your path, your wisdom, and your healing. 


Relationship Issues
Inner Child/Family Work
Chakra Clearing
Core Beliefs


Self-Care is Love. Learn to love yourself and others on a whole new level. Release old limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and replace them with new messages of truth, beauty, alignment and peace. Acceptance, compassion, and transformation are keys to this work.


Shadow Work

Pain and suffering are part of life. It is so helpful to have an understanding of what this pain is trying to communicate to you. We integrate bilateral stimulation, Emotional Freedom Technique and Parts Work to help you navigate these turbulent waters.

Open Book

Past Life Regression
Inter-Life/Akashic Records
Cord Cutting
Divine Feminine

Until we decide to wake up and fully engage with core issues of our spiritual development, our life lessons will continue to repeat lifetime after lifetime until we find the way out. When we begin to consciously understand this process and choose to transform our consciousness and our actions, we are able to create a different future for ourselves and heal our pasts.  We offer tools, techniques, and services to help you along the way.   

Tapping into your Creativity, Passion & Life's Work 

Are you feeling the acceleration of the earth's evolution  and the desire to express yourself in a new way? Schedule a session today to fine-tune your vision and move through blocks. This work is truly transformational if you are ready!

Image by Jonathan Borba

Set Goals
Clarify Visions
Remove Blocks
Move Forward

Skill Rehersal


Addressing your limiting subconscious beliefs will alter your reality so you can move towards the life you desire. Take time to clarify your goals and visions with the help of your higher self and deep, cosmic inspiration. 

Image by Casey Horner

Higher Self
Spirit Guides
Inner Voice
Deep stillness


Are you Highly Sensitive? Having a hard time living in this busy world? Do you say yes to everyone around you except yourself? These guided sessions will take you into your deep center. A place of stillness and wisdom so you can hear your own voice and the guidance of your spirit team. It feels so good to truly hear yourself and find your authentic voice.

Purple Crystal Rock

Deep Clearing Hypnosis
Energy Balancing
Integrating the Light Shadow

Inner Healer

Find your Inner Healer and let the healing begin! How many times have you heard, "you're not grounded" yet you can't seem to get there. The more grounded we become, the more we can open up our higher chakra centers and receive higher frequencies without being overwhelmed. These sessions will focus on your subtle bodies so you can feel safe, protected, and grounded as you move through your day. 

Let’s Work Together

Please send a short message about what you are looking for and include the best way to contact you. I will send you an email with a zoom link for a free consultation to answer any questions and to see if we are a good match!

Thanks for submitting!

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