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HypnoBirthing Education

Birth is not a "medical event" to be feared; it is a sacred and instinctual event to be celebrated in all of its expressions! My doula services embrace the spiritual, emotional and intuitive dimensions of these moments and my support is grounded in reclaiming your birth journey by empowering you to navigate these deeply personal experiences with compassion and informed understanding. 


Your Sovereign Body

HypnoBirthing education is all about learning to trust your body's wisdom and let go of old beliefs that empower the medical team over your natural instinct as a mother. It is a proven method that teaches you how to enter into deep states of hypnotic relaxation during pregnancy and birth for a more calm and relaxed birthing experience using self hypnosis and affirmations. You will learn how your body births, why remaining calm and relaxed is the KEY to a more joyous and natural birth, how to navigate medical interventions through education and make choices that support your needs! HypnoBirthing can be applied to hospital births, at home births, C-section births, and free-births (and any type I left out!).



Phone: 440.785.8953

Please allow for 24-48 hours for a response.

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