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Shadow Work

What is the Shadow and How do I work with it? 

The Shadow is a blind spot in our psyche. It compromises our undesirable traits that we wish to remain hidden from ourselves and from other people. Unfortunately, most people are either unaware or do not wish to confront the darker and unpleasant aspects of themselves, so they don't. This results in the strengthening and dissociation of the Shadow, which causes inner conflict and a feeling of being incomplete. The shadow forms when we suppress the beliefs, ideas, actions, or anything else that conflicts with those of society or our own moral values and results in projection/denial, mental illness, nightmares/dreams, addictions/vices, harmful behavior and physical pain/illness. The shadow always finds a way to make itself known and is eager to be healed and integrated into your life. Life is painful, chaotic, and confusing when you reject the shadow. 

This is an opportunity to look inward for healing rather than spreading your pain to others or looking for ways to numb the pain. The main consequences of rejecting your shadow is loss and rejection of your true self. You must love every part of who you are and find ways to integrate your shortcomings and limiting beliefs so they can become a positive part of your life. This process will make you feel whole. 

The space I hold for you is one of compassion and loving-kindness. We all have blind spots and we shouldn't be made to feel bad about them. That type of judgement often closes us off to the true message and learning potential of the shadow. This is a neutral space where you are able to look in the mirror and discover your shadow and learn to integrate its lessons. This does not mean we condone the hurtful actions/behaviors/words that we have had in the past but we do accept ourselves and know that we did the best we could at that time and you are committed to transformation. 


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