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Welcome to your inner Sanctuary

The Space

Welcome to the inner sanctuary.. a place of peace, inspiration, truth, and love. Everyone is welcome here-low vibes, high vibes, rainbow vibes, no vibes. Our sessions will be held with respect and kept confidential and all group events will be contained with the same energy. This space is protected by light, cleared by the earth, and excited to hold you. 



My vision is to establish an inclusive, colorful community that serves as a sanctuary for Earth and Heart centered self-transformation and expanded consciousness through self-care practices, healing rituals, education, and artistic expression! Our community will inspire and support individuals to reawaken their divine connection and create more meaning in their daily lives by drawing on the deep wisdom of the mystics and healers that have travelled before us and the infinite possibilities that the unknown has for us. Join us in celebrating life.

Community Guidelines

We are all beginners. If you are interested in learning more about self-care, energy practices, plants, sound, mediation, this is the place for you!  You can sit quietly in the back (it still counts). For people looking to deepen a certain aspect of their practice, stay tuned for more in-depth package sessions. Sign up for the newsletter and check back often! Many of us know all the things but don't practice all the things, this is a great place for that too! And if you are looking for a space to hold a class, send me an email and we will get you all set up!

We uplift and support our differences

Please respectfully disagree, discuss, and enlighten one another. If you find yourself arguing, being triggered or shaming others, you will be asked to take some time to yourself and come back when you have cooled down.  Do your best to avoid putting down other modalities, teachers, practitioners or religions. 

Respect Boundaries

Boundaries include respecting time and financial commitments. Refrain from taking over the conversation in group classes and practice active listening. Please avoid unsolicited advice and counseling. Creating friendships is great but give each other sacred space in class. (empaths, HSPs, and people in general have a hard time saying no and there is a tendency to over share your woe's and predicaments in healing containers...please be mindful!)

Personal Responsibility & Empowerment

You always have the choice to agree or disagree, I am not here to change your mind, only open your perception to greater levels of awareness . We will only go as far as your higher self is guiding you. If something doesn't feel right, speak up! If you are hesitant to do deeper hypnotic and shamanic work, please listen to your inner guidance. I am not a therapist or a counselor. I am here to assist you through the subconscious and deep feminine terrains!

Group Classes

Some information may resonate with you and some information may not. Keep an open mind, but know your personal truth (boundaries).  Some information may be applicable to other members in the dynamics are complex! If you are experiencing deep psychological trauma and PTSD symptoms, I do not recommend group classes. 

Expansion, Creativity, Beauty & Inspiration!

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