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Spiritual Midwifery Services
Helping you to transition peacefully 

You do not have to face death and transition alone. Our culture has placed an emphasis on eternal youth and gain, leaving most of us in the dark when it comes to death, loss, and transition. I believe death is a rite of passage as we return to the Great Mystery. If you are interested in conscious dying, releasing fear, pain relief, and preparing your mind, body & spirit for death/transition, please reach out! All religions, faiths, and perspectives are valued and respected.

My Story

I am dedicated to the path of transformation and healing in all forms. I have a traditional degree in Long Term Healthcare and Gerontology that prompted me to explore alternative healing and what it means to live. What I discovered is that when we live close to death, we can feel even more appreciation for the subtleties of life, the beautiful moments, and the gratitude for moments of peace and understanding.  I have professionally trained in several modalities over the past 10+ years with a focus on bodywork/massage, energy work, psychic development & mediumship, meditation and transpersonal hypnotherapy. The container I hold is one of love and appreciation for the human experience. No emotion or thought is too big or too small. Everything coming up at this time is for healing and release. Contact me if you would like support during this time. I offer remote healing sessions (zoom) or in-person visits in Humboldt County. Please continue to read about my services before you contact me so we can discuss what you are looking for. 

With love,




Email: (Preferred) 

Call: 440.785.8953

Please allow for 24-48 hours for a response

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