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HypnoBirthing Education & Birth Support

My Philosophy on Birth
Birth is not a "med
ical event" to be feared; it is a sacred and instinctual event to be celebrated in all of its expressions! My doula services embrace the spiritual, emotional and intuitive dimensions of these moments and my support is grounded in reclaiming your birth journey by empowering you to navigate these deeply personal experiences with compassion and informed understanding. 

Relaxed Birthing Experience

HypnoBirthing teaches you deep levels of relaxation to reduce the fear that causes tension and pain. 

This evidence based program shows reduced caesarean rates, shorter labors, reduced pain & use of epidurals, and more positive birth experiences. 

Family Experience

The father or birthing companion is not a passive onlooker, he is an important figure in the birthing experience. 

Natural Birth

Our bodies know how to birth naturally. A basic tenant of this program is that childbirth is a normal, natural, and a healthy human experience for majority of women. 


Unlearn the myths and misconceptions of birthing that perpetuate medicalized, rushed, painful births. 


Birthing your baby is a celebration of the most  basic human experience. The birthing should be experienced calmly, gently, joyfully, as well as comfortably. 

Deep Relaxation & Visualization

This program will prepare you for a positive, relaxed birthing experience through hypnotic relaxation techniques, guided visualization, breathing techniques, affirmations and education.

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What is Included?

  • 5 classes 2.5 hours long totaling 12.5 hours of In-Person or Zoom HypnoBirthing Education & Practice

  • HypnoBirthing Book, Spiral Parent Handbook, Additional Emails

  • Email support for additional questions and insights!

  • 3 additional 60 minute hypnotherapy sessions with a focus of your choice

  • Post Natal Massage reduced rates for the first 6 months

  • Birth Support as a Doula for HypnoBirthing mommas! (optional)

If you are interested in a more empowered, calm birthing experience, this is a great resource.


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