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Benefits of Massage

Learning how to feel will change your life. We have been raised in a fast paced, goal-oriented society that encourages left-brain, analytical thinking. We breathe shallow, stay connected to electronics and pass out at night. Then people ask us how we are feeling.. We ask our partners to hold us the right way yet don't know how to explain it, get frustrated and give up. We are trying to work through our emotions and feelings but we aren't even in our bodies to feel! Add on some alcohol, drugs, food, shopping and all the goodies and it's no wonder we feel lost.

Come home to your body, care for your sanctuary, honor your earthly vehicle and feel at peace today. Don't wait until you feel good to feel good in your body. Regular massage has so many benefits including a release of feel-good hormones, pain blockers and anti-inflammatory responses. We never out-grow the need for human touch. Is your head running a million miles per minute? Do you feel confused and anxious? Massage can bring you back into your body, into the present, into your breath so you can relax and let go of the mind and travel deep into your core self, the essence of who you are, a being of peace. 

Don't let your discomfort or fear of the unknown stop you from scheduling a massage. (I was never a hugger growing up and Im still not). I will meet you wherever you are at. Using breath, therapeutic massage, vibrational sound tools, essential oils, hot stones and intention, you will be able to start your journey into feeling (the heart)! The body is an amazing place, holding emotions, stories, vibrations, illness and pain. Get to know your body and let it speak to you.


Schedule a massage and prioritize your self-care. I have been practicing massage for over 10 years and I integrate several modalities, but the main modality is presence and acceptance. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for any session must be made AT LEAST 24 hours in advance. Same day cancellations will be charged $45 and no shows will be charged 1/2 service price. Your appointment will not be guaranteed if you arrive over 20 minutes late without notifying the therapist. If you arrive late, your session will still end on time. We are a small-appointment based service and our cancellation policy allows for healthy boundaries, financial success, and continued community healing. Thank you for understanding.
Cash and App preferred, credit cards accepted!
Email to schedule a session or a free consultation. Please indicate your preferred communication method and best days and times to contact you. I will reach out with an email or a text depending on your preference within 24-48  hours. Let the deep relaxation begin!
Email to Schedule and Appointment or ask questions!
Text: 440.785.8953 (for returning clients only)

Get in Touch

622 2nd Street

Eureka, Ca 95501


3699 Edgewood Road

Eureka, Ca 95501

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