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                    Test Anxiety Support
             Group EFT & Hypnosis for College Students


Experience your full academic potential with more peace and confidence

Think of this as one more thing to do for yourself, not one more thing to do! The space we hold will be a combination of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), guided imagery, breath work, and hypnosis.  

In this first series of Group EFT Tapping, we will tap on meridian (energy) points on your body as you focus on the "negative' emotions. We will take turns identifying what emotions and thoughts are most problematic at the moment and then we will tap for each other (giving each other support and energy healing). We will work to discharge the emotional stress response so you can return to a state of balance. 

If you struggle with test anxiety, lack of sleep, unbalanced lifestyle, poor eating habits, fear of the future or general anxiety and depression, give our group a try! 

If you are experiencing severe emotional instability, please consider one-on-one sessions as group dynamics are more complex. 

I will be joined with Bill and Inge Yarborough, seasoned group EFT facilitators, Hypnotherapists & Reiki Masters!

About Bill and Inge 

Bill embarked on a lifelong healing journey as a result of traumatic childhood experiences, employing a wide range of traditional and energetic healing techniques, finding much relief with EFT. Bill is an author, has served as president for 2 non-profits, excelled in public speaking (thanks to EFT!) and is passionate about sharing this technique. Inge has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions! As a group EFT facilitator, Inge is able to hone in on the underlying emotions and feelings while supporting your expression.  Bill and Inge are a great team and excited to share this space with you! 

Free college group EFT online classes
Nov 6th -Dec 4th
5 consecutive Monday evenings 6-7pm



Kimberly Renee

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Massage Therapist

Certified Yoga Instructor

Sound & Reiki Practioner 

TEXT 440.785.8953

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