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Essence Hypnosis

90 minutes

If you are drawn to this work, you are on the path of Self-Awarness and Remembrance! The model of hypnotherapy that I practice is a self-empowering model done in a light, conversational trance. You will be able to take an inward journey to your subconscious beliefs and your healing, meeting the Higher Self and spirit guides along the way. The space I hold for you is one of compassion and light so you are able to look at your shadows and challenging life patterns from a new perspective. The hypnotic state of expanded consciousness allows you to explore deep held beliefs without the judgement and restriction of your analytical mind. Everyone has the ability to experience hypnotherapy and it is accessibe for all faiths and beliefs as I will only use words and concepts that you are comfortable with. This is truly a therapy to explore your own truth and to gain a deeper understanding and meaning. If you are looking to clear your energy field, strengthen your connection to spirit and deepen your trust/intuition, this is a great modality. I would be honored to hold space for you. One session can be very powerful, however we usually recommend weekly,biweekly, or monthly sessions depending on your goals, commitment and process.

Prices (will be increasing in July 2023)

90 Mintute Session $100 + free 20 minute consulation (first-time clients) + free follow up emails if anything comes up!

Package Session Discount
$360 for 4 sessions + email follow ups if you need support

*Package is prepaid and sessions must be used within 4 months of purchase date*

We understand that our services can be out of reach due to money constrictions. We want our community to feel good. Join our email list and check out our website for monthly discounts and last minute sessions with discounted rates.

Cancellations for any session must be at least 24 hours in advance. Same day cancellations will be charged half-price and no shows will be charged full price. All online zoom sessions must be pre-paid. We are a small-appointment based service and our cancellation policy allows for healthy boundaries, financial success, and continued community healing. Thank you for understanding. Cash and App preferred, credit cards accepted!

Email to schedule a consultation or session. Please indicate your preferred communication method and best days and times to contact you.

Rates will increase June 2023


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