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Essence Yoga

Lotus Flower
Yoga Studio

I commit to showing up each day.
I choose to be here fully in my body.
I am safely rooted in and guided by love.

Why practice yoga
with US?


A personal note to the yoga community..

I have been blessed with eyes that see beauty and a heart that feels love. I would like to share these gifts with everyone who walks through the door and chooses to be here now. Together we will practice on our mats what spirit is guiding us to do. We will feel the results of our efforts and practice gratitude for wherever we are on our paths, just as we are. We will shed light on areas of our lives that need light and we will hold those aspects of ourselves with love and acceptance. We will follow the yogic path to bring more awareness to these areas so that we can transform them. We will begin to embody the lessons of the natural world and begin to see sacred in everyday life. We will integrate the feminine and masculine polarities within ourselves to become more whole. We will learn to voice and honor our personal boundaries while gaining a better sense of who we are and begin to heal the relationship with ourselves and others.


My confidence as a teacher does not come from a place of certainty or correctness, my confidence comes from my commitment to the journey and the trust I have in the process. I am always a student as well as a teacher and I seek to honor everyone who crosses my path and practice gratitude through my service to humanity. The work I do on the mat is a translation of the love I feel for myself and others. My intention is to infuse this process with beauty, laughter, peace and truth. I hope to see you in class!

Vision Statement

My vision is to create an all-inclusive community that supports heart-centered self transformation, self-care practices, education and inspiration to bring about wholeness and our highest expression in this world.


Finding Empowerment in your Practice

You are empowered to choose if you want to let go of the daily coping mechanisms that seemingly help one “get through life.” You are allowed to be as open and vulnerable as you want or as private and contained as you need. My role is to meet you in the present moment and provide educated, heart-centered guidance. Yoga brings us into our bodies, it grounds us, it prepares our containers for deep transformation. When students leave my class, I want them to feel seen, accepted and powerful. I want each person to feel a deeper sense of connection and meaning to their own practice and life.


Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga gives us structure for self-realization through contemplation and actions that are grounded in the yamas, niyamas, asanas, pranyama and meditation techniques that have been passed down for generations. To be a student of yoga means to be dedicated to the path of self discovery and to share with others. When we choose to show up each day on the mat, we are choosing to show up each day in our lives and actively participate. Yoga helps to still the mind, balance the body and strengthen the nervous system. To be able to be at peace among chaos, to be light among dark and to be inspired among the mundane, this is what yoga can teach us. Together, we can build a community of like-minded individuals who lift each other up and shift the collective consciousness.

May all beings awaken to the light of their true nature.

May all beings be free.

Come Practice with US!

Arcata, California

Tel: 440-785-8953

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